Acceptable Recyclable Clean Wood Waste Materials

Coniferous & Deciduous Trees

Branches | Stumps | Logs | Roots | Burls | Bark | Slashing Foliage | Forest Residues | Mountain Pine Beetle Infested Trees

Manufactured Wood Products

Construction Demolition (C&D) Wood | Wooden Furniture | Painted Wood | Wooden Blocks | Beams | Wood Doors | Ties & Posts | Dunnage

Pallets & Crates | Wooden Cable Spools & Reels | Access Mats | Rig Mats | Crane Mats | Outrigger Swamp Pads | Timber Mats | Timber Bridges

Used Barn Wood | Old Wood Slabs | Edgings | Off-Cuts | OSB – MDF Particleboard | Plywood | Sander dust | Sawdust | Chips | Shavings

Veneer Clippings and Waste | Panel Trim | Dimensional Lumber | Wood Shingles

Treated Wood Waste – Recyclable Materials

Treated Wood Products

The reuse of the Treated portion of Railway Ties and Utility Poles is listed as a hazardous Class I Landfill waste. We are currently researching the best practices in which to utilize this material as an alternative Biomass Waste to Energy Fuel.

* DISCLAIMER: our research Partnership companies, are a voluntary group of businesses interested in discovering the best technologies to divert from Class I Landfill Treated Wood waste materials and implement sound reuse. *Pending both Private, Provincial and Federal Governmental Approval.

Recycling for profit: Turn Wood waste into a profitable Wood recycling business