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Rethink – Recover – Reduce – Reuse

Think Wood Waste Recycling

Who We Are

We are Canada’s leading Wood waste recycling, industry resource management business group.

What we do

Bringing like-minded Canadian & International people, business, academia and governments together to build the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

Building the Canadian wood recycling industry

It is through the business groups collaboration process that we deliver a range of sustainable economic business resource opportunities designed to help our members increase their ROI, expedite their business growth in the Canadian Wood recycling industry while achieving economic, social and environmental outcomes


Delivery. We focus on delivering our members with their essential industry resource tools to accelerate their growth outcome in the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

We get right down to work and back our resource deliverables up with action.

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group management team understands the importance of deadlines and delivering on commitments, on time and on budget.

Our industry resource deliverables are provided in four main ways:

  • Providing key access to industry Contacts
    business, academia, industry and governmental
  • Sharing environmental industry Knowledge
    technologies, institutional, research, whitepapers, funding sources, governmental advocacy & policy, workshops, conference, events
  • Acquiring and supplying business Leads
    RFP’s, tenders, lead generation, sales leads, service contracts, B2B marketing
  • Resource promotional, Marketing of each members service
    social media marketing platforms, press releases, magazines, newsletters, directories, networking


To build the national Wood recycling utilization infrastructure across CANADA, upon acceptance the Canadian governments will be encouraged to place a prohibition on landfilling and non-essential burning of our renewable resource — Wood.

The Expertise To Build On

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group acknowledges that our business members are looking for greater professional efficiencies, better resource management, exceptional performance, sales opportunities, environmental goals, landfill cost savings and economic gains on every level of the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group positions itself as a true industry leader and is championed by its business members expertise in the development of the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

We are providing comprehensive and high level collaborative industry business developmental services that promote all membership business objectives of its members and drives their brand image, sales and growth.

Our business membership resource management services range from and include providing;

Enclosed is a partial listing of our registered business members and their resource management services;

  • wood waste recycling feasibility/characterization studies
  • data management and reporting systems
  • wood waste recycling business start-up, plans, construction, commercialization strategies
  • mobile wood waste recycling
  • portable sawmilling
  • waste to energy technologies
  • industry policy development, standards, practices, assessment sectors
  • e-commerce wood supply chain, brokerage management
  • institutional, academia research and development
  • technological, equipment suppliers
  • transportation, haulage, logistics
  • investment, grant fund sourcing, grant writing
  • carbon innovation off-set credit, measurement, management portfolio programs
  • federal, provincial, territorial governmental advocacy, policy, regulatory
  • RFP’s, tenders, bids, contracts
  • workshops, expos, conferences, trade shows, social media
  • consultancy business development

As an extraordinary business group, we can provide these high-quality national Wood recycling business resource management services at a much more affordable value than a stand-alone business.