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Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group
– Who We Are

🍃 We are Canada’s leading Wood waste recycling, industry resource management business group.

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group represents a coalition of world-class environmental leaders, innovative businesses, esteemed academic institutions, and government bodies dedicated to advancing the burgeoning Canadian wood recycling industry. Together, we are committed to fostering sustainable business practices and driving the growth of this vital sector, leveraging collective expertise and resources to shape a greener future.

What We Do

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group excels in pioneering the national stewardship of wood recycling, an endeavor poised to transform into a federally regulated and carbon-offset incentivized sector. Our vision is on the cusp of realization, pending endorsement and implementation by the Canadian Federal Government. We are at the forefront of crafting an environmentally sustainable wood recycling industry that aligns with national environmental objectives.

Wood Waste Recycling Canada

Building the Canadian Wood Recycling Industry

Through our collaborative approach, the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group provides a comprehensive suite of sustainable economic business resources. These are designed to maximize our members’ ROI, fuel their growth in the Canadian wood recycling industry, and deliver significant economic, social, and environmental benefits.


Our commitment is to equip our members with the essential tools they need to accelerate their success in the wood recycling sector. We are action-oriented, backing our commitments with real results.

The management team at the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group is deeply committed to meeting deadlines and fulfilling promises on time and within budget.

We deliver our industry resources through four primary channels:

  1. Access to Key Industry Contacts: Bridging connections across business, academia, industry, and government.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: Disseminating vital environmental industry knowledge through technologies, institutional research, white papers, funding sources, government advocacy, policy discussions, and educational events.
  3. Business Lead Generation: Providing RFPs, tenders, sales leads, service contracts, and comprehensive B2B marketing.
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Amplifying member services through social media, press releases, magazines, newsletters, directories, and networking events.


Our mission is to construct a robust national wood recycling infrastructure across Canada. Upon governmental approval, we will advocate for policies that prohibit the landfilling and non-essential burning of wood, promoting its use as a renewable resource. This initiative underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and the strategic growth of the wood recycling sector.

The Expertise To Build On

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group recognizes that our members seek greater professional efficiencies, enhanced resource management, and exceptional performance, along with opportunities for increased sales, environmental sustainability, cost savings on landfill use, and economic advancement throughout the Canadian wood recycling industry.

Positioned as a definitive leader in the field, the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group is driven by the expertise of its members, who are pivotal in shaping the development of the industry.

We offer comprehensive, high-level collaborative services that support the diverse objectives of our members, enhancing their brand visibility, sales, and overall growth. Our membership resource management services encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Wood waste recycling feasibility and characterization studies
  • Advanced data management and reporting
  • Business start-up planning and implementation for recycling operations
  • Mobile and portable recycling solutions
  • Development of waste-to-energy technologies
  • Policy, standards, and practices development
  • E-commerce for wood supply chain and brokerage management
  • Institutional and academic research and development
  • Technological and equipment supply
  • Transportation, logistics, and haulage coordination
  • Investment acquisition and grant writing
  • Carbon credit management and innovation strategies
  • Advocacy for governmental policy changes
  • Organization and participation in bids, contracts, and industry events
  • Consultancy for business development

Through these multifaceted services, we empower our members to achieve excellence and innovation in the evolving landscape of the Canadian wood recycling industry.

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