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Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group

Our Industry Resources

We focus on delivering, providing our members, partnerships, stakeholders and government with their essential industry resource tools needed to build, expedite and maintain the growth of their Wood recycling project or business.

In order to build a successful national Wood recycling industry … it means being able to envision Wood waste as a realistic Canadian industry … it’s people, our members and understand their respective industry related business forte, our industry growth challenges and how to apply each business members, partnerships, stakeholders and government business service into Canadian Wood recycling industry.

Our industry resource deliverables are provided in four main ways:

  • Providing key access to industry Contacts
    business, academia, industry and governmental
  • Sharing environmental industry Knowledge
    technologies, whitepapers, funding sources, policy, workshops, conference, events
  • Acquiring and supplying business Leads
    RFP’s, tenders, lead generation, sales leads, service contracts, B2B marketing
  • Promotion, Marketing of each members service
    social media marketing, press releases, magazines, newsletters, directories, networking

Join CANADA’S leading Wood recycling business network —

Let’s build the Canadian Wood Recycling industry


Yesterday’s Wood waste — Is Tomorrow’s sustainable green economic, social and environmental resource