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BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd.
Business Description

BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd.

BM&M Screening Solutions is the recognized industry leader for screening machinery for separating Wood chips, bark, sawdust, wood pellets, mulch, C&D waste and other by-products from producing lumber, paper, many other materials from the forest products industry.

Our very first gyratory screens were specifically designed for the forest products industry, which in the late ‘60s was growing by leaps and bounds in British Columbia and elsewhere throughout Canada. The performance and reliability improvements our technology provided for forestry industry customers allowed us to become a valued partner in the industry’s growth.

BM&M Screening Solutions is the recognized leader in high-speed, high-capacity gyratory screening technology for the wood products industry.

Through our patented gyratory drive technology, which operates at higher speeds and with larger strokes than other, similar equipment that uses slow speed gyratory and reciprocating motions.

The BM&M high-speed gyratory motion has proven to produce a far greater horizontal G-load for faster, more efficient, and more effective screening.
This translates to improved yield, improved quality, and, ultimately, improved ROI for our customers.

Our equipment can be fully customized to your unique needs and installation through our full-scale application testing facility. Using the actual materials you work with, we will test and fine tune your current or future gyratory screening equipment to ensure optimum performance for your specific application. When testing is complete, customers receive performance guarantees for their personalized screening solution. With maximum performance comes maximum company ROI.

In 2008, it was time for BM&M to expand, and we broke ground on a new facility. In 2009, we moved to our present headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Surrey, BC, about an hour’s drive from Vancouver International Airport. We also operate licensed manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands and Australia to service our valued customers world-wide.

With multiple screen models that are designed to deliver exceptional performance for this demanding market, along with custom options that can be tailored to your specifications, we can provide the right solution for your wood product screening needs.

BM&M’s fully customizable, proven reliability and patented technology brings maximum ROI.

Contact Name
Adriano Messina, AScT.
Regional Sales Manager
5465 Production Blvd Surrey, BC. V3S 8P6 CANADA