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EM3 Services Inc.
Business Description

Land clearing & mulching services


EM3 Services Inc.

EM3 Services is a BC-based land clearing and mulching company with operations in both BC and Alberta. We are land clearing specialists operating a diverse fleet of surface and subsurface mulching equipment for projects ranging from 1-1000 hectares in size.

We are interested in exploring opportunities to provide high value to our clients.


The Natural choice for environmental services

EM3 is the only company in Canada that has the Barko 640 purpose built hoe mulcher (2 in our fleet) for steep sloping.  We are also proud to claim we have more Iron Wolf 1040 grubbing/mulching machines than anyone else in Western Canada.  EM3 has over 25 pieces of mulching equipment. We also have multiple waste wood grinders (Peterson 5710D & CBi6400CT) if you run into any burn sensitive areas and the feeding equipment if needed.  We have all of the solutions for your waste wood needs.

We would be pleased to provide additional information on our operational, safety, and environmental performance, and in the meantime, feel free to check out our website at


Our Land clearing and mulching control service is always on target

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Clay Ross
Operations Manager
8823 Northern Lights Drive Fort St John, British Columba V1J 0B4 CANADA
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