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Alternative Root (Altroot)
Business Description

AltRoot is an Alberta-based organics waste management company that specializes in the handling of organic waste streams from municipal and commercial sources. We produce quality compost for use as soil amendment on local area farms, to elevate the nutrient density in our food and medicine.


AltRoot Diverts Biodegradable Material from Landfills, Turning It into Quality Compost Soil Amendment for Local Farms

Our Class I facility north of Edmonton is licensed with AE&P to receive 20,000 (MT) tonnes of organic waste each year from surrounding towns and rural municipalities.

We use covered aerated static pile (CASP) techniques and processes which provide rapid biodegradation. CASP effectively provides the required environmental controls for air and odor emissions and for water quality concerns. With controlled thermophilic temperatures, we are able to process year-round and turn organic waste resources into nutrient rich compost in as little as six weeks.


Turning Organic Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost

We also accept and process wood waste resources at two locations for ease and convenience:  in Winterburn (west Edmonton) and at our Westlock location.  We accept wood waste including swamp/access mats from all over the province at our Westlock facility for processing.  Here we take end of life products, grind them into size for use within our compost process.  This compost is then used in the following season to grow crops for our local economy and beyond, creating a full-circle bioeconomy we can all be proud of.


Taking Advantage of a Plentiful Natural Resources

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Brian Wonnacott
Operations Manager
20204 - 110 Avenue N.W. Edmonton, AB. T5S 1X8 CANADA
  • Alternative Root (Altroot)
  • Alternative Root (Altroot)