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Viresco Solutions Inc.
Business Description

Viresco Solutions is an environmental consulting firm that helps our clients strategically navigate the complex and evolving world of sustainability and/or carbon management strategies.

We have assisted both private businesses and industry organizations in developing their carbon management strategies, consistent with significant financial, environmental, and social sustainability goals.

As leading global experts in developing science-based metrics and solutions that enhance our clients’ social license to operate at the intersection of agriculture, waste, wood waste recycling, bioenergy, greenhouse gases and sustainable supply chains.

Join us today in developing the Canadian carbon offset/emission reduction solutions



Carbon offset protocol development / support study design / project and methodology planning / support data analytics / report writing

To learn more about the reduction of greenhouse gas, carbon management strategies in support of reducing the speed of climate change … contact Liz today.

Liz Brennan is a sustainability specialist with Viresco Solutions Inc., focusing on the intersection of agriculture, bioenergy and climate change.

Phone Number
Contact Name
Liz Brennan
A.I.T., Sustainability Specialist
Suite 610 - 600 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB. T2P 0S5 CANADA