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Business Description

Pyrolist provides Bioeconomy promotion and marketing of its website and that, in turn, promotes your Bioeconomy products and your markets.

Pyrolist is targeted towards the pyrolysis, torrefaction and gasification industries.

It is a classified ad platform on which members can:

Offer their products, equipment or services for everyone to see;
Contact sellers in order to purchase or inquire about their products, equipment or services through our messaging system;
Contact international experts through their listings;
Advertise their company internationally and locally in a targeted industry;
Obtain information about the industry through articles posted on the website’s blog

These articles include news, tools, lists of conferences, scientific articles, etc., is GECA Environnement’s latest innovation: it aims to serve everyone in the industry, and facilitates exchanges and transactions between companies.

Pyrolist wants to:

Empower entrepreneurs of the pyrolytic industry;
Support the consumers in their research for the products they need;
Get companies to thrive through the green economy;
Increase the visibility of pyrolysis as a solution to develop new renewable products out of “end-of-life materials”, including all types of biomasses, used tires and plastics.

Phone Number
Contact Name
Melissa Allaire Leung
Sales and Marketing Manager
4018 Avenue des Pyrénées Québec, QC. G1P 3L9 CANADA