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Shift Equipment Ltd.
Business Description

Mission Statement:

“On the road to a greener economy – step one is reducing waste”

Shift Equipment Ltd. is an industrial equipment manufacturer specializing in custom, one-off and prototype machinery. Our team has the ability to imagine and implement practical equipment solutions with emphasis on safety, simplicity, and reliability.

Founded in 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta, Shift Equipment was created to serve the needs of Canadian manufacturers, goods producers, and innovators that require specialized tools to overcome unique challenges. Working directly with these clients, Shift Equipment offers start-to-finish machine building; from problem identification and concept development through design and manufacturing. In addition, Shift’s mobile technicians offer on-site equipment commissioning, worker training, and ongoing technical support.

“Big opportunities exist for companies that can capture value from otherwise wasted resources. But capitalizing on waste requires innovative thinking and specialized tools”

Shift’s recent projects include a custom integrated conveyor system, computer controlled (CNC) cutting machines, a semi-automated welding lathe, and most recently, a $1.2M industrial cleaning system for an Edmonton based small business. As an APEGA registered engineering and manufacturing facility, Shift Equipment has the know-how to develop creative solutions and solve big problems.

Custom machinery for innovative businesses.

Shift Equipment was founded by Quintin Webb, P.Eng. after he recognized an acute lack of high-quality custom-engineered equipment providers in his home province of Alberta. Quintin got his start in mechanical design by building and fixing equipment as child on the family farm in Northeast Alberta, where he developed an early knack for design and innovative thinking. In 2003 he began work as a Heavy Equipment Technician becoming a skilled field mechanic holding both on-road and off-road Red Seal Journeyman tickets. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta (2012) and most recently Quintin worked as a design engineer for an OEM in Edmonton, AB, designing and testing custom welding machinery for clients all over the world. Throughout his hands-on career, Quintin has fostered a drive to create top quality equipment with the goal of improving the efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship of Canada’s economy.

“Today’s waste is tomorrow’s business opportunity”

Phone Number
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Quintin Webb
Box 51003 - 6525 - 118 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB. T5W 1G0 CANADA