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2022 Upcoming Events

Waste Wood MADE into COMPOST

Environmental Business Event Invitation.

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group., is pleased to announce that in a partnership with the enclosed environmental companies are processing waste Wood into renewable recycled materials made into the finest grade “Compost product”.

AltRoot | FAE Western Canada | Bandit Industries | Edge Equipment | RBS Heavy Machinery | Westlock County Regional Landfill

Together we are leadership building a sustainable Canadian Wood recycling Bioeconomy.

Contact us for more information on the Landfill management process, business opportunities, equipment, and available compost materials!

Mobile: (780) 239-5445





We are in the midst of planning our annual 2022 Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group’s “Live Wood Recycling Equipment Demonstration Workshop & Expo event”.

As acknowledged, we continuing to bringing together like-minded business professionals from around the world to present, discuss, equipment demonstration, ignite talks on opportunities and the challenges facing the future pathways to sustainability in developing the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

Region by region, province by province together we are uniting CANADA as one in the Canadian Wood Recycling industry.




Our industry Workshop & Expo events feature top-ranking industry speakers from the Wood waste recycling, Bio economy, business development, economics, environment, science and governmental policy, who will provide information on the industry foundations, opportunities, challenges and perspectives.

The next Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Groups “Live Wood Recycling Equipment Demonstration Workshop & Expo event” is going to take place in February 2023 – stay tuned for updates.

Plan ahead and Join us for a full- two day workshop & Expo to learn and network with other environmental Wood recycling  industry professionals