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Ecohog Ltd.
Business Description

Ecohog Ltd.

Wood Waste Recycling Equipment Manufacturer

Ecohog Ltd are a family owned business based in Northern Ireland, with over 30 years’ experience Ecohog have a fierce track record supplying innovative equipment to the waste and recycling industry including the wood waste sector.

Specialising in the design and manufacture of density and metal separation equipment, Ecohog can guarantee customers a higher quality output from their waste material.



The Ecohog products comprise of both mobile and static options in the Ecohog Windshifter, the HogMag Eddy Current Separator and the Airhog Suction Separator ranges. The sought after HogMag ECS units are operating worldwide in the waste wood sector processing up to 40 tonnes per hour of shredded waste wood removing ferrous and non ferrous metals. The HogMag is available in both 60” and 80” options dependant of the level of throughput required.

Ecohog are renowned for the introduction of density separation to this metal removal technology by incorporating the EH-81 Airhog onboard the THM ECS units (patent pending) offering customers the option of removing the superlight contaminants such as plastics, foil, cardboard and paper as well as the recovery of precious metals. The Airhog units are also available as a standalone unit with the option of an onboard generator HSB-81 and can be incorporated onto any moving conveyance system up stream or downstream for the removal of superlight contaminants. Depending on the composite of the material customers may require an Ecohog density separator if they are tackling high volumes of superlight and light contaminants.

The Future is Mobile

Ecohog offer a consultation option where they can advise the most suitable equipment required to meet the customer’s specification. Our mission at Ecohog is to provide our customers’ with quality equipment that enhances current facilities and achieves high volumes of quality recovered materials that ensures a return on customer investment.

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Declan McNally
6 Quarry Road, Carrickmore, Omagh, Co Tyrone N. Ireland. BT79 9JX, UK