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ESSPO PARTNER Biotechnology
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PARTNER Biotechnology


Products That Make a Change

ESSPO combines scientific knowledge with nature’s potential to meet the challenges of efficient and environmentally-friendly biotechnological solutions.

Created by Our Hands

The essence of ESSPO products – unique microorganisms collected from the soil and nature by our hands.

We work in a way that you do not have to sacrifice one advantage over the other – ESSPO products are affordable with rapid rates of return, harmless to people and the environment.

Environmental Bio-Technologies

Oil polluted soil and water bioremediation
Creosote impregnated wood bioremediation (railway sleepers, electricity poles)

NEWCLYN™ and WOODCLYN™ is a next-generation bioremediation technology for oil contamination. Microorganisms use oil hydrocarbons (also PAH, BTEX etc.) as a source of their food and decompose them to compounds that are safe for humans and the environment – H2O and CO2.

Biological soil and water treatment have been a well-known method by environmental experts for many years. The solutions developed by ESSPO not only allow efficient treatment of oil-contaminated soil and water but also have a unique advantage. The species of microorganisms we discover can operate despite very high concentrations of oil pollutants, so we can clean the pollutants at concentrations of 20-30% or more.

Creosote impregnated wood cleaning technology WOODCLYN is the latest solution developed by ESSPO. With increasing environmental requirements, hazardous waste such as wooden sleepers or wooden electricity poles that have been impregnated with creosote could be disposed of in the world. The only widely used method at present is incineration in special incineration plants. Our solution is more environmentally friendly, based on which we can recover the wood and thus use it for conventional purposes, such as clean biofuels.

Innovative technologies for the environment and natural materials for business

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