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RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC.
Business Description

RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC.

Our company has over 35 years’ experience designing recycling systems and waste handling solutions for both private industry and municipal applications. We can provide nationwide service and installation support, spare parts and service training. We provide a wide range of processing solutions to increase profits; and decrease labor and transportation costs. We also assist consulting engineers, with landfill remediation and RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) solutions. (*Providing Wood waste Recycling Equipment)


Waste is NOT Waste®       

Business Description: Our mission is to assist industry, forestry professionals, waste haulers, landfills, transfer stations, manufacturers, municipalities and others to be more profitable and more efficient in the way they handle all types of waste materials. Zero waste is possible. Today, we have the ability, to separate numerous discarded items so they can be recycled, reducing the amount of waste destined for the landfills. Our goal is to pull as much recyclable materials from the waste stream as practical for repurposing, and then process the balance so it can be used for Refuse Derived Fuel or compressed into extremely dense bales, saving our precious landfill space and reducing transportation costs.


Zero Waste is Possible

The costs of transportation, handling and storage of wood chips, forestry slashings and saw dust can be minimized with proper compression and wrapping techniques. Our system provides a dense wrapped and totally airtight, watertight bale providing easier handling, storing and lower transport cost.  All contaminates and bacteria are sealed in densely packed bales in an oxygen starved environment, anaerobe.  These systems are mobile and can be shared between multiple locations as needed.


Biomass Energy is Renewable     

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Richard Harris
Chief Executive Officer
905 Muirfield Road Keller, TX 76248 United States of America