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Business Description

Bella Biochar Corporation is the only proudly 'Made in Ontario', commercial scale manufacturer of prime quality Biochar in Canada.

Bella Biochar is a charred substance produced from clean, landfill diverted wood that acts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The resulting reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions remains captured for thousands of years. Based on this fact, Bella Biochar will be able to offer Carbon Credits, to qualifying customers, in the near future.

As a pioneer in the industry, Bella Biochar was founded on the principle that true quality must be scientifically substantiated. Determined to become the premiere biochar market brand, Bella Biochar joined the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) by forming a strategic Industry Partnership with the University of  Western Ontario. As a result, Bella Biochar has been proven scientifically distinctive in the following ways:

High Carbon Content of >80%
Adsorption properties superior to Activated Carbon
Certified Organic characteristics by Ecocert Canada.

Bella Biochar adheres to stringent quality control and manufacturing protocols to produce the finest quality Biochar on the market. Available particle sizes range from powder, 3-5 mm and under 10mm in order to suit the multitude of applications ranging from air, water and soil purification to medical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and agricultural uses. *Please see images below.

Bella Biochar is an innovative culmination of both social and environmental responsibility that directly addresses a number of the United Nations' Sustainable Development  Goals: 2. Zero Hunger (Bella Biochar reduces food scarcity by increasing crop/dairy yields and mitigating drought risk); 3. Good Health and Well-Being (Incorporating Bella Biochar in soil/water/ air purification, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feed/bedding, medical grade application improves health by reducing the need for chemicals, fertilizers and antibiotics); 6. Clean Water and Sanitation (Bella Biochar’s superior adsorption properties remove toxins and impurities from water); 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (Bella Biochar has played a key role in introducing and promoting new technologies and facilitating and enabling the efficient use of forestry resources); 12. Responsible Consumption and Production (Bella Biochar increases Resource Efficiency and Sustainable consumption and production with a  transition towards low-carbon and green economies); 13. Climate Action ( Bella Biochar positively impacts climate change by decarbonizing and reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere ); 14. Life Below Water (Bella Biochar buffers the impacts of global warming by reducing the amount of  Carbon emissions being absorbed and  causing ocean warming, acidification and oxygen loss); 15.Life on Land Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service  (Bella Biochar makes transformative changes to restore and protect nature by promoting healthy ecosystems and plays an important role in  reducing the impact of of zoonotic diseases, i.e. diseases that are transmissible between animals and humans).

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Jodi Formosi
322 Upper Ottawa Street Hamilton, L8T 3S4 ON. CANADA