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Marco Polo’s Land Management
Business Description

EnviroJim, a well-established Québec company, with a new regional satellite office in Stony Plain, Alberta, we are proud to offer European manufactured equipment products and services dedicated to the environmental waste management sector across Canada.

When you choose us, you get a motivated team, committed to meeting your needs while offering you sustainable solutions to help you realize your environmental goals.  You benefit from a full range of quality equipment and innovative machineries from the world's leading manufacturers, designed for your various projects.

HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik, a German based company that we are in business with, is active in almost every country in the world. They are recognized for their quality, reliability, high performance, and adaptability to the constant demands of the recycling industry. Hammel is also the world’s first manufacturer of a mobile two-rotor shredder, capable of shredding automobile chassis.

VTN Europe S.P.A., a partner that allows us to provide you with high quality tools, such as shears, demolition grabs, and handling grapples. A family-owned company, of Italian origin, recognized worldwide which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next June.

Rockster, an Austrian company, offers you the only patented crusher, who’s crushing chamber you can change for your needs. Rockster machines are sold in more than 50 countries around the world and have a long-standing reputation of expertise in the demolition and screening industry.

EnviroJim is the only distributor in Canada that promotes closed loop material reuse and whose technicians are trained directly by the manufacturers.

Our customers are regularly visited by our manufacturing partners to offer excellent after-sales follow-up and support for optimal use of the equipment.
Envirojim, a guarantee of the highest performance, quality, and innovation.
We are constantly looking for new technologies to improve the recovery and revalorization of recoverable goods in Canada.

As questions arise, and you have interest in a specific equipment line-up, please contact us and we can explore the realistic business development opportunities between our companies.

Phone Number
Contact Name
Charles Fortin
Operations Manager
301A, rue du Camionneur St-Isidore, Québec G0S 2S0 CANADA | Western Canada #108 - 4301 B South Park Drive, Suite 206 Stony Plain, AB. T7Z 2A9 CANADA
  • Marco Polo’s Land Management
  • Marco Polo’s Land Management
  • Marco Polo’s Land Management