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KMW Energy Group
Business Description

KMW- A World Leader in Renewable Energy from Biomass

KMW Energy Group is a custom equipment manufacturer who designs and fabricates the KMW Energy System for production of thermal energy, Biochar, and electric power from any biomass feedstock. Founded in 1947 and operating as an independent Canadian company since 1987 KMW has unrivaled experience and history in the biomass energy industry. KMW is an expert in designing and building complete systems including fuel receiving and handling, moving grate gasification/combustion systems, boilers, emission control and control systems.  KMW has extensive experience supplying energy systems to sawmills, hospitals, schools, pulp and paper mills, power utility plants, district heating systems and greenhouses. The KMW combustion system operates with the greatest fuel flexibility with systems operating on wet bark up to 60% moisture, construction, and demolition waste, refuse derived fuel, paper sludge, wastewater biosolids, and agriwaste.


KMW – Biomass Fired Boiler Systems

KMW offers custom engineered systems designed specifically for your fuel and your thermal energy demands including:


Hot Water Systems range in size from 100 – 1,500 BHP.
Low pressure steam boilers are available from 200 – 2,500 BHP.
High Pressure steam boilers from 5,000 lbs/hour up to 100,000 lbs/hour in a single boiler and multiple boiler configurations can supply up 500,000 lbs/hr.
Thermal fluid heaters from 5 to 50 Million BTU/hr.
Rotary Dryer Systems – up to 110 Million BTU/hr per unit.
Complete biomass CHP plants from 1MW – 50MWe
Combined heat and biochar systems with biochar production between 200kg – 2000kg/hour.


KMW – Biomass and Biochar Energy Systems

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Thomas Butler, P.Eng.
General Manager
275 Colborne St. London, ON. N6B 2S7 CANADA