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Snaw-Naw-As Forest Services Ltd. · Nanoose Economic Development Master LP.
Business Description

”nuwilum step u tu exe temexw”
You are all welcome to these sacred lands.

Snaw-Naw-As Forest Services Ltd., is a subsidiary of Nanoose Economic Development Corporation (NEDC), solely owned by the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation (also referred to as Nanoose First Nation). The Nation’s reserve lands are on and adjacent to Nanoose Bay on the east side of Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo. Snaw-Naw-As territory extends beyond this area.

NEDC and its subsidiary companies are managed by a Board of Directors appointed by Chief and Council and operate independently reporting annually to Chief and Council and the shareholders who are Snaw-Naw-As First Nation members.

NEDC Vision
As a self-sufficient and sustainable entity, NEDC is committed to building economic prosperity for Snaw-Naw-As for a healthy future, driven by our community values, ancestral teachings, and self-determination.

NEDC Mission
As guided by our ancestors and the self-determination focus of Snaw-Naw-As, NEDC is committed to effectively operating a profitable range of businesses, while investing in innovative opportunities that foster sustainability and support the economic growth of Snaw-Naw-As and its members now and into the future.

Snaw-Naw-As Forest Services Ltd holds a First Nation Woodland Licence (FNWL) that was issued in January 2023 that covers approximately 2,053 ha composed of nine parcels spread across central Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island within the Arrowsmith Timber Supply Area.

Management Philosophy
In alignment with NEDC’s mission we will create a legacy for future generations by focusing on projects that lead to financial self-sufficiency through Snowhyulth (community inclusion), transparency, accountability, and organizational effectiveness. The FNWL will be managed to ensure sustainability to support environmental health, protection of Snaw-Naw-As cultural values, and economic benefit. The Snaw-Naw-As community has pride in knowing that they have stewardship of lands within the traditional territory. Commercial forestry will focus on sustainable logging practices that protect old growth, fish bearing waterways, and all other naturally occurring species in the territory.

Guiding Principles
The NEDC and all subsidiaries operates through 7 guiding principles:

1)     Working for the community and giving back,

2)     Working together as a community,

3)     Respect and trust,

4)     Communication,

5)     Responsible decision making,

6)     Commitment and discipline to contribute “What You Can Where You Are”, and

7)     Innovation and learning.


Snaw-Naw-As Forestry Services is a subsidiary of NEDMLP that focuses on sustainable logging practices that protect old growth, fish bearing waterways, and all other naturally occurring species in our territory.

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Cindy Stern
209 Mallard Way, Lantzville, BC. V0R 2H0 CANADA