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Rogers Trucking Inc.
Business Description

Rogers Trucking Inc.

Navigating Excellence on Every Road Founded in 1960 by the pioneering Rogers family, Rogers Trucking Inc. has grown from a passion-driven local transport service to a leader in the trucking and logistics industry, serving British Columbia and Alberta with unparalleled commitment.

Our evolution into a comprehensive logistics and fibre management partner showcases our dedication to innovation, community, and sustainability, especially as we support the burgeoning green energy sector.

Our Evolution:
From humble beginnings, we've expanded our operations, continuously adapting to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and industries we serve.

Our dedication to excellence has not only propelled us forward but also deepened our roots in the communities we operate within, fostering lasting partnerships and contributing to local economies.

Diverse Services for Diverse Needs:
Rogers Trucking Inc. is proud to offer a wide array of specialized services:


Gravel Supply. Providing quality materials for construction and infrastructure projects.
Hazardous Material Handling. Expertly managing the complexities of transporting dangerous goods with utmost safety.
Innovative Transport Solutions. Utilizing box trucks, belly dumps, end dumps, and side dumps to address various logistical challenges.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Offering end-to-end solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
Forestry debris, and Landfill end-of-use waste Wood collection, processing, recycling, and haulage with our fleet of mobile waste Wood Grinders, Shredders, and 53’ Tractor live walking floors trailers.


Our recent expansion into fibre management epitomizes our innovative approach, partnering with local industries to forge a sustainable supply network that supports the green energy sector.

The Canadian Wood recycling industry. This initiative not only aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship but also opens new pathways for community and industry collaboration.

Advanced Fleet and Technology:
Our fleet is at the heart of our operations, featuring a range of specialized vehicles equipped with the latest technology for safe, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, embracing cleaner fuels, and optimizing our routes for efficiency.

Certifications and Community Involvement:
Rogers Trucking Inc. holds esteemed certifications recognizing our adherence to safety, quality, and environmental standards. Our achievements in the industry are paralleled by our active community involvement, supporting local initiatives, and contributing to the development of green energy solutions.

A Partner You Can Trust:
We understand the complexities and responsibilities of our industry. As such, we are dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients, ensuring every delivery is handled with precision, care, and a commitment to sustainability.

Let's Drive Forward Together:
Discover how Rogers Trucking Inc. can support your logistics, gravel supply, hazardous material handling, and fibre management needs.

Contact us today at 250-785-3647 or visit to learn more about our services and how we can contribute to your success.

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Nate Creamer
209 Mallard Way, Lantzville, BC. V0R 2H0 6446 Airport Road Fort St John, British Columbia. V1J 4M6 CANADA