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Campus Innovation Consulting Group Inc. (CICG)
Business Description

Essential research, sourcing/applying/writing and submitting governmental Grants and related industry funding services

Campus Innovation Consulting Group (CICG) is a client-centred consulting company that offers clients a flexible, reliable, and affordable set of tools to extend their capacity and core competency - either as “one-offs” supported by our on-demand professionals – or longer term through training and coaching services. Clients order services “a la carte” and CICG deploys appropriate personnel for their project.

CICG’s goal is to assist leaders across business, academic, Indigenous, government and non-profit sectors to access the knowledge and tools they need to create meaningful change for their organization. CICG achieves this by helping its clients access public and private funding, creating feasible business and Go-to-Market plans, building their internal capacity through training and organizational design, offering HR support, expanding their networks, and extending their capacity by providing on-demand expertise. Historically, CICG has significantly increased client chances of success with grant funding applications by providing strategic advice, professional writing, and pre-submission review. CICG’s track record: it has helped its clients access over $5.5M CAD in public procurement and grants.

CICG has four directors who work closely with a diverse, reliable and dedicated team of professional business leads, subject matter experts, and experienced writers with targeted areas of expertise. This enables CICG to build a customized team for you that can expand and contract to give you the precise support you need at every stage of your project. Our team members can fully lead and manage a project, or they can be brought in to fill specific resource gaps.

Phone Number
Contact Name
Deanna Douglas
9851 - 85 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB. T6E 2J5 CANADA