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The Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest Society (BHCFS)
Business Description

The British Columbia Community Forest Association (BCCFA) is a network of community-based organizations in British Columbia that are either managing community forests or striving to establish community forests.

We are a membership-based organization, and count the participation of over 50 communities and organizations around the province. It is only through the dues of our members that we support our core activities. We identify annual priorities for special projects and seek outside funding sources to support those activities.

The Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest Society (BHCFS)

The Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest Society (BHCFS) which was incorporated under the Society Act in January 1999, administers the 360-hectare Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest (BHCF).

Mission Statement:

BHCFS’s mission is to operate an ecologically and financially sound forest in perpetuity for the benefit of Bamfield and Huu-ay-aht First Nation communities.

The Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest (BHCF) is located on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, on the east side of Bamfield Inlet, directly adjacent to the communities of Bamfield and Anacla BC and within the traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations . The total area of is 365 ha and is bound by TFL#44 to the east and north; by the Pacific Rim National Park to the south and Huu-ay-aht Lands to the west and north. The vast majority (96%) of the BHCF is old forest (+250 years) dominated by Western Red Cedar with small amounts of 2nd growth from logging at the turn of the century and in the 1940s and small areas of recent logging (<15 years).

We are a proud member of the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group.


Phone Number
Contact Name
Stefan Ochman
Box 212 Bamfield, BC. V0R 1B0 CANADA