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First Nations Lead the Charge in Global Forestry Practices: Insights from the B.C. Delegation’s Japan Mission

First Nations Leading the Way in Forestry
A New Era of Inclusive Forestry Forestry has long been a cornerstone of both economic and environmental sectors, deeply rooted in the landscapes it inhabits and shaped by the custodians of these lands—First Nations peoples. Traditionally, the voices of these indigenous communities have been underrepresented in global discussions about forest management and utilization. However, a transformative shift is currently underway, with First Nations not only participating but leading the dialogue on sustainable forestry practices. The Significance of the Japan Mission From December 10-14, 2023, a delegation from British Columbia, which included members from the BC First Nations Forestry Council (BCFNFC), traveled to Tokyo, Japan. This mission was not just a commemorative event marking the 100th anniversary of the timber trade between Canada and Japan;…
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CWWR Member Spotlight – FAE Western Canada Ltd.

FAE Western Canada Ltd. Mobile Waste Wood Recycling Equipment in the Orchard FAE is the world leader in the design and production of heads for tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles and tracked vehicles for forestry, agricultural, road and demining operations. FAE's range of heads includes forestry mulchers, cutters, stump cutters, stone crushers, stabilizers and multifunction heads. The tracked vehicles we offer include tracked vehicles with cab as well as radio-controlled tracked vehicles. As California phases out almost all agricultural, tree and field burning practices, environmentally safe alternatives are being implemented for land management operations in the state. In the clip below (link), a FAE SFH-250 multitask unit is grinding large grape stumps into fine mulch and incorporating the biomass into the soil. This…
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YourForest - Wood Recycling Podcast WOOD WASTE RECYCLING WITH JIM DONALDSON What happens to wood after it has served its purpose. Construction and demolition material, sawdust, wood chips, pallets, old furniture, harvest residues, all gets either thrown into a landfill or burned. Wood waste is a resource just like anything else and we can utilize that resource to create a number of products that can assist in climate change mitigation and increase sustainability. Wood waste can be used to create ethanol, biochar, wood pellets, it can be re-purposed like barn wood and put back into our homes, or even broken down into... READ FULL ARTICLE
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The 2017 Drayton Valley. Pathways to Sustainability Series: Wood Waste Recycling Workshop and Expo Event

Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group Presents the 2017 Provincial Environmental Industry Workshop event the of the year! Transitioning to the Bio economy will not just happen. This why you are invited to attend … the 2017 Drayton Valley Wood waste recycling, Bio economy utilization Workshop & Expo event. Join us, meet up with your business members from industry and government to forge beneficial partnerships to advance your business in the Canadian Bioeconomy, Wood waste recycling industry DISCOVER. CONNECT. BUILD. READ FULL ARTICLE
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Gary Lamphier: Innovative Drayton Valley firm eyes auto parts market

Dan Madlung Founder/President of BioComposites Group Inc., based out of Drayton Valley operates as a manufacturer of high-performance Biofibre manufacturing facility producing amazing biodegradable products for automotive and industrial applications, with a little elbow grease and a lot of ingenuity, a new Alberta business is churning out biodegradable automotive parts made from wood, hemp and flax . READ FULL ARTICLE Published on: July 2, 2016 By Gary Lamphier, Edmonton Journal.
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