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First Nations Lead the Charge in Global Forestry Practices: Insights from the B.C. Delegation’s Japan Mission

First Nations Leading the Way in Forestry
A New Era of Inclusive Forestry Forestry has long been a cornerstone of both economic and environmental sectors, deeply rooted in the landscapes it inhabits and shaped by the custodians of these lands—First Nations peoples. Traditionally, the voices of these indigenous communities have been underrepresented in global discussions about forest management and utilization. However, a transformative shift is currently underway, with First Nations not only participating but leading the dialogue on sustainable forestry practices. The Significance of the Japan Mission From December 10-14, 2023, a delegation from British Columbia, which included members from the BC First Nations Forestry Council (BCFNFC), traveled to Tokyo, Japan. This mission was not just a commemorative event marking the 100th anniversary of the timber trade between Canada and Japan;…
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